Hi and welcome to PS3History, on this page i will write an explanation as to why i have created this website and post a little about my life with the PS3.



What Is The Point Of This Website ?

I have seen many websites talk about the history of games consoles and whilst those websites are great, they don’t go into the detail that i have with PS3History, i wanted to post the PS3’s journey, EVERY aspect about its life, all the good and bad that has happened during that journey, nothing has been left out and nothing has been spared, this is the naked, unadulterated life of the PlayStation 3.



What Information Does PS3History Contain ?

  • Information on the consoles Cell processor.
  • Pre Release Rumours.
  • Console revealing 2005.
  • Console revealing 2006.
  • Japanese PS3 release day.
  • US release day.
  • EU release day.
  • Game release dates.
  • Official firmware release dates and information.
  • Pre PS Jailbreak Console Hacks.
  • Post PS Jailbreak Console Hacks.
  • Custom Firmware.
  • Homebrew details.
  • PSN Hack and fallout.
  • Court cases.

And so much more……
I have attempted to gather every piece of information that is possible to gather, not everyone will like it, the hardcore Sony fanboys will cry that it is all about PS3 Hacks, but no, its not, it involves every part of the PS3’s life and yes that life includes hacks, to do a complete history, one must include everything.



About Me

My internet nickname is GregoryRasputin and i am a news writer on a website called PS3HaX, i got involved with the PS3 Scene, when i got my PS3 on the UK release day in 2007, which is another story in itself.
I got home, plugged that console in and switched it on, it didn’t work, it gave me a continuous red flashing light, i was gutted, but i was lucky, my sister worked in Blockbuster and was able to swap it for me, so i got it home and started playing the game i had bought with it, Genji: Days of the Blade (Giant Enemy Crab), i was blown away by the beauty of it, even though i was playing it on an SD TV, it still looked stunning.
Fast forward to September 2007, i got the internet for the first time and started joining websites related to the PS3, the first site i joined was Afterdawn and posted on there quite regularly, i then heard about a story involving a group of people called Team Ice, so i went to the website to check it out, i joined the website in January 2008 and became a staff member in March 2008, i guess he rest is history and everything i have experienced is on this PS3History.


Other Information

  • PS3History will be in versions, as it will be released in .PDF formats, for offline reading, this is v1.0
  • Version 1.0 contains history between 2001 and December 2012
  • Version 1.0 is dedicated to ViperMM, a good friend of PS3HaX website and PS3HaX IRC, who passed away in 2013.
  • Each new version will contain a new year, so v2.0 will include the entire year off 2013, v3.0 will include 2014.
  • Each new version will have additional information for each year, bits i have missed out or forgotten about.
  • Each new version will be released on the PS3’s birthday on 11th of November.

Download PS3History PDF, By Clicking Here.

Shout out to my best friend NeoSabin

And a thank you to Bash for PS3History’s Header :)