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Back 4 Blood weapons tier list — our guide to the best B4B weapons (Updated October 2021)

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Updated: Jul 19, 2022 4:46 pm
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Back 4 Blood is the spiritual successor to the Left 4 Dead Series, offering players a fun cooperative zombie-slaying experience. Like its spiritual predecessors, the game is filled with different weapon types, albeit there are even more in Back 4 Blood. You can equip a variety of sniper and assault rifles, LMGs, SMGs and shotguns. You can even combine these with various pistols, melee weapons and various throwable devices to create a unique playstyle. However, if you want to know the best Back 4 Blood weapons, check out our Back 4 Blood weapon tier list below.

Back 4 Blood Tier List Methodology

The Back 4 Blood weapon tier list will break down every weapon in the Back 4 Blood video game. It will endeavour to list the very best and worst weapons and highlight any potential balancing issues. Furthermore, it will also help you gamers out there that love a specific Cleaner or card set.

Back 4 Blood Gun Tier List Rankings

  • S Tier – These are hands down the best weapons in Back 4 Blood. They have the most strengths and the least weaknesses and tend to offer the most zombie-slaying efficiency.
  • A Tier – A Tier weapons are slightly worse than the S Tier weapons. It could be down to attachments not being as powerful on these weapons, or that they’re not as accessible as the S Tier choices.
  • B Tier – The B Tier weapons are average weapons that do the job but are not the best in their weapon type.
  • C Tier – Weapons that sit in this category are underpowered weapons. They are likely to be starting weapons or some of the worst examples of the weapon type.
  • D Tier – Any weapon in the D Tier is objectively a terrible weapon and should be avoided. These are the most basic melee or sidearm that you should replace or stop using during the campaign act.

Back 4 Blood Weapon Tier List

S Tier (Best B4B Weapons)Uzi, M4 Carbine, Vector, M249, Glock Auto, Tec 9, Machete.
A TierAK 47, RPK, Scar, M16, M1A, MP5, UMP, Super 90, Desert Eagle, Revolver.
B TierRanch, AA 12, 870 Express, The Belgian.
C TierTac 14, Fire Axe, Hatchet, Barrett M95, Phoenix 350L.
D TierAny starting pistol or melee weapon unless specified above.

Back 4 Blood’s Best Weapons

Best SMG in Back 4 Blood

Uzi B4B

One of the best weapons in Back 4 Blood is the Uzi. While the Uzi has the weakest damage per round, it does more than any other SMG per magazine. The Uzi has a starting 32 round magazine, which can be increased to 40 rounds with an extension. Both sizes of magazines allow you to hip fire entire waves of charging Ridden. Furthermore, the SMG does considerable damage to the head and is not difficult to aim down the sights (ADS). Due to its efficiency as a medium-range headshot magnet and close-range bullet hose, we highly recommend the Uzi above all other SMGs in the Back 4 Blood weapon tier list.

During the beta, the Vector wasn’t that great. However, since the game is fully released, the Vector has certainly teched up. The gun is basically a laser beam with a somewhat random spray that drags it to the left or right. Once when you know where your bullet stream is going you can compensate and maintain incredible accuracy. If you would rather not use the pocket-sized LMG that is an extended magazine uzi, then the Vektor is good, plus it has better range too! If you don’t come across an Uzi with an extended mag, chances are the Vector is generally better.

The UMP and the MP5 are in the same tier. The UMP has a shorter magazine size but makes up for it in areas where the MP5 has slightly weaker rounds. They are both very balanced SMGs that can get the job done, which can be made more special with different attachment builds. However, despite being solid A Tier Weapons, they sadly can’t contend with the Uzi’s firepower.

Best AR in Back 4 Blood

M4 Carbine B4B

The best assault rifle in Back 4 Blood is the M4 Carbine. It is simply the most versatile weapon of all the ARs in the game. It has a decent starting magazine size, which can be expanded with an extended magazine. Moreover,  its damage output is fairly decent, with easy to control spray, handling, and solid Cleaner movement speed. Even though the M4 doesn’t excel at anything, it’s a great all-purpose weapon;  a go-to for anyone who loves to use assault rifles.

The AK 47 is the strongest assault rifle in the Back 4 Blood weapon tier list. It beats every other assault rifle at range and on the basis of damage per round. If you like the mid to long-range scoped in playstyle, then the AK is a viable option. The only downside is that control isn’t that great, so it isn’t as ideal for dealing with approaching hordes as it could be. The Scar is pretty much in the same boat too, with a slightly better range.

The next best AR is the M16. The M16 almost has the same stats as the M4 Carbine, except it is burst fire only. While it isn’t that great at general usability, getting a purple compensator turns the weapon into an on-point accurate weapon when in ADS. Plus Back 4 Blood’s burst fire mode weapons can continue firing while using the fire button or key down so you don’t have to worry about actuation time. IMO, the M16 with a purple compensator is more effective at sniping weak points than snipers themselves.

The last AR on the list is the Ranch Rifle. The Ranch Rifle is a semi-automatic rifle that acts like a sniper rifle without the benefit of doing sniper damage. Don’t expect to do crazy numbers or be as reliable with it as with any other AR in the game.

Best LMG in Back 4 Blood

M249 vs RPK B4B

There are only two LMGs in Back 4 Blood, and both of them are fairly close in terms of their power. The M249 is arguably the better option of the two based on the significantly better accuracy, control and mobility. The most standout factor of the M249 is its fire speed. However, the RPK performs better than the M249 in terms of range and power, albeit not as significant a margin as to offset the M249’s stability and relative precision. If you want a better overall pick, especially when the hordes close in and you need to run and survive, the M249 is better.

It is worth mentioning that the RPK can be improved over the M249 with a full spec of attachments. If you can grab yourself a long barrel, then the RPK is the better death-dealing machine. We recommend trying out both LMGs in the Firing Range and seeing which one you prefer.

Best Sniper in Back 4 Blood

Barrett B4B

Sniper Rifles are an important part of any successful team arsenal. Whether it’s picking off those dastardly Stingers or popping Tallboys weak spots before they can get close enough for the kill. However, it is difficult to measure which is the best one. We at WePC believe the M1A is the best of the bunch for similar reasons why the Uzi dominates the SMG category. The M1A has 10 rounds per mag, fired at a semi-automatic rate. This is decent as it allows the user to do decent damage against regular Ridden and also do big chunks at weak points without losing precious time due to bolt action reload speeds. Plus you can build the M1A like a marksman rifle, which mean you can play a more mobile build rather than relying on hardscoping and getting swarmed or spat at by the specials.

The Phoenix 350L and the Barrett are the two bolt action snipers in Back 4 Blood. In all honesty, these weapons are incredibly ineffective. The bolt actions and the need to hit weak points scoped in top be practica. When you’re zooming into a target, all it takes is them to spin around and you lose the weakpoint. Using a bolt action sniper seems more hassle than it is worth. For that reason, these weapon are low on the Back 4 Blood tier list because of impracticality of the game design rather than because they are bad weapons.

Best Shotgun in Back 4 Blood

Super90 B4B

The Super 90 is the best shotgun and the only one that ranks high in the Back 4 Blood weapon tier list. The reason why is because it has the most reliable weapon damage, range and fire rate. It is capable of destroying swarms of undead or even nuking down the elite Ridden at close range. The only downside is it needs to reload each shell, so you’ll need a trusty sidearm to provide the necessary backup.

Next up on the list is the AA12. The AA12 is the only shotgun capable of fully automatic fire. This makes it one of the best shotguns for taking point and eradicating waves of undead with ease. However, it is the weakest of all the shotguns and won’t slay any of the big Ridden, like a Tallboy or a Bruiser, as efficiently as its counterparts. If you want to destroy waves and there’s already a sniper or LMG expert on your team, consider the AA12 as those weapons supplement its weaknesses fairly well.

The 870 Express is one of the stronger shotguns for its firepower and has the best range. It arguably makes it one of the best Ridden killers in the game, but it generally lacks that versatility the AA 12 and the Super 90 has.

The Tac is the deadliest shotgun in the game but is severely hampered with its 3 in the chamber playstyle. You need to get close as it doesn’t have much range to seal the deal. Honestly, this weapon feels exactly like The Belgian, but it is instead classed as a primary weapon with a slightly better ammo capacity. You’re best avoiding it entirely.

Best Secondary Weapon in Back 4 Blood

Secondary weapons in Back 4 Blood are in a peculiar spot. Some of the starting secondary weapons are okay, but you’ll often find yourself not using them as soon as you get a primary weapon. There are a few exceptions to this, which you’ll want to use to support different primary weapons.

The Tec 9 and the Glock Auto are two highly recommended secondary weapons. These are useful for sniper players who may need a quick pocket-sized SMG to destroy any hostiles that are closing in. Both guns have incredible quickfire rates and decent damage, with the Glock being more accurate and the Tec9 having a larger magazine size. Take whichever you prefer, as they are both incredible weapons.

If you need some range in your kit, then the Desert Eagle and the Revolver are two very good options. Both are pretty much the same weapon, other than the Revolver is easier to control than the Desert Eagle, at the cost of being slightly less powerful. We highly recommend playing around with them both on the Firing Range and seeing which you prefer.

If you like using melee weapons, there are three worthwhile options in the Machete, the Fire Axe and the Hatchet. The Machete has a broad swing, allowing for you to dispatch groups of Ridden, which can be handy with cards that increase your health for melee kills. This is great for builds that run HP return or Temporary Health cards, especially on the likes of Evangelo or Holly. The machete wide swing into hordes with these cards turns these characters into tanks, especially with Holly’s great stamina bonus allowing her to swing forever. If you’re using a Holly tank build, the Machete is an S tier weapon.

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Meanwhile, the Fire Axe has greater reach and damage but is significantly slower than the Hatchet. The bonus movement speed with the Hatchet is worth mentioning because it allows you to run away much quicker than the Fire Axe does. You should only really consider these two options if you are running cards like Spikey Bits, Armor, or Battle Lust.

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This concludes the Back 4 Blood weapon Tier List. Do you agree with our choices for the best-ranked weapons in the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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