Smite Tier List 2022 for Season 8.8: Best Solo, Jungle, Mid, ADC and Support Gods

We rank every god in Smite in a Smite Tier List, explaining the best gods for each role.

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Smite is Hi-Rez Studios’ award-winning free-to-play MOBA that was released in 2014. It’s notable for featuring combatants themed around classic and mythical Gods, many adapted from various faiths from throughout history. Like most MOBAs, the game offers a ranked mode, with one unique map playing host to the game’s most enduring battles. The game is currently in Season 8, which like all seasons has seen a shift in the balance between items and the Gods themselves. Despite the constant shifting, some Gods are stronger than others, and with each update, we hope to reflect any changes in our Smite tier list. In the latest version of the list, we pick the strongest Gods for each role as of the 8.6 Bonus Update.

Note: This tier list should be seen as a measurement of God’s potential in the game. Just because a God is ranked in a higher tier, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they are more powerful as a God in a tier below. Failing to itemize, for example, might result in an S tier God-feeling closer to one ranked as B tier. There are many factors that go into deciding into which tier a God is placed, which could change in the wake of a new update or new meta becoming dominant.

Key Terms:

AA – Auto Attack.

Backline – The position the mid and ADC tend to stand to deal damage at a safe distance.

CC – Crows Control – stuns, slows, roots, snares, etc.

Dive – Finding a way to get to the backline to threaten the enemy damage dealers.

Itemization – Associated with a God’s build path and build order.

Squishies – A term given to Gods who don’t have defensive itemization.

Smite Tier List Rankings

S+: Artemis, Apollo, Athena, Cerberus, Cu Chulainn, Danzaburou, Gilgamesh, Guan Yu, Janus, Khepri, King Arthur, Odin, Scylla, Set, Sobek, Sun Wukong, Tiamat, Tsukuyomi, Yemoja.

S-: Agni, Ares, Artio, Chang’e, Chernobog, Cupid, Erlang Shen, Fenrir, Fafnir, Hel, Izanami, Morgan Le Fay, Nemesis, Nu Wa, Osiris, Raijin, Ratatoskr, Ravana, Sol, Serqet, Thanatos, Tyr, The Morrigan,  Ymir.

A: Anhur, Achilles, Ah Muzen Cab, Anubis, Ao Kuang, Aphrodite, Bacchus, Bellona, Bastet, Camazotz, Cabrakan, Cthulu, Discordia, Eset, Ganesha, Geb, Hades, Hercules, Heimdallr, Horus, Jing Wei, Kali, Kukulkan, Loki, Mercury, Merlin, Nike, Ze Zha, Persephone, Poseidon, Susano. Thor, Thoth, Xing Tian.

B: Au Puch, Amaterasu, Arachne, Awilix, Baba Yaga, Baron Samedi, Cerunnos, Chaac, Chiron, Chronos, Hachiman, He Bo, Hera, Hou Yi, Hun Batz, Jormungandr, Kuzenbo, Medusa, Mulan, Neith, Pele, Ra, Rama, Skadi, Sylvanus, Terra, Ullr, Vamana, Vulcan, Xbalanque, Zeus, Zhong Kui.

C: Bakasura, Charybdis, Da Ji, Freya, Kumbhakarna, Nox, Olorun.

Smite Patch 8.8 Notes Summary

Smite’s Patch 8.8 Bonus continuous the trend of adding new Gods to the game, with Charybdis becoming the latest Hunter (ADC) to fill Smite’s roster. Not to mention the patch continues to target Smite’s worst offending items and Gods, along with buffing those struggling a slight bit. It also seems we are in a complete meta switch up, especially for Guardian and Hunter Gods.

Smite Solo Tier List Highlights 8.8

Sun Wukong Smite

Solo Laners are in a great spot this Season. The Solo Lane Warriors are mighty, especially with anti heal items getting nerfed. They are tough to kill while sitting on top of their opposition, simultaneously placing immense pressure and damage. Some of the best Solo Laners are explained in this Smite Solo tier list breakdown.

The Best Solo Laners for Smite Season 8

Guan Yu – Based on Ranked Conquest, Gaun Yu is arguably the best performing God in the entire game. Two of his abilities lowers his cooldown by two seconds, with most of his abilities making him immune to CC in general, especially against knockbacks. Furthermore, his ultimate enhances the effects of his abilities, buffing the CC effects, damage, and resistance shred on his abilities. Warrior’s Will is a dash that slows enemies hit. When engaging enemies, use Talu Assault to do AOE damage while breaking down armor values. The Cavalry Charge is the most annoying part of his kit, making him immune to CC in general. Dismounting then stuns the opposition, setting them up for guaranteed hits with the rest of Guan Yu’s kit. And if that wasn’t enough, he has a heal! (remember that weaker anti-heal we mentioned?) Therefore, Guan Yu is one of the most difficult solo laners to get off the backline, and it’s almost skillless to engage correctly. Guna Yu is straight-up one of the more obnoxious Gods, no wonder he ranks high in our Smite Tier List.

King Arthur – King Arthur is one of the biggest bulwarks in the game. In the late game, items like Reinforced Graves, Sundering Axe, and Stone of Gaia make King Arthur unkillable. Depending on how Arthur utilizes his combos and energy levels, he has two huge dashes, with more CC if enemies connect with the dash. Follow this up with the Battle Stomp, and Hamstring slows on the targeted enemy; his enemies can’t get away. Arthur’s items are granting him so many defensive buffs, armor shreds on enemies and shielding from Pridwen that combat shifts more and more in his favour.

Sun Wukong – Sun Wukong is very adaptive and versatile. The interesting thing about Wukong is the 72 Transformations. The eagle form makes him one of the quickest Solo Laners, adapting to ganks, routine to help teammates and more. The Tiger form is his main duelling form, offering direct damage and stun. The Ox form is the big team fight engager, jumping in and displacing several enemies if aimed well. Synergize the Tiger or Ox stance with Master’s Will, and Wukong has quality dive potential. Somersault Cloud is a big staller for team fights. The pet he leaves behind allows him to go invisible and begin regenerating HP. Most cc in the current meta comes from disengage knockbacks, which doesn’t instantly kill his pet. Enemy solo laners will likely use their stuns to handle Wukkong well, making the monkey king one of the trickiest Gods to fight. Even getting him out of his ultimate isn’t presented without issues. Shifter’s Shield extends health regen, and items like Pridwen only inflate the shield’s status.

Tyr – If King Arthur sounded annoying, then Tyr can be a more snowball version of him. Buying Bluestone at the start makes him a huge snowball God that can run away with lanes and then games. If this build works, then you’ll be laughing with quick purchases of Breastplate of Valor and Shifter’s Shield. Both items grant him better cooldown speeds, more tankiness and physical power. The stance forms are tricky, but using those abilities correctly gives Tyr the survivability or damage from Power Cleave and Fearless. As for Lawbringer, this is all the dive you need,  jumping in the air and diving on the desired nearby target(s).

Bellona – While not exactly one of the most fitting Warriors in the meta, Bellona is one way to deal with some of the momentum warriors generate in the lane. Bellona is one of the stronger lane bullies in the game, with her Eagle’s Rally, which increases protection and stuns targets under it. Scourge’s disarmed mechanic, bonus range, and healing every third auto makes trading against Bellona difficult. Her sword and shield stance will reduce incoming basic attack damage via the Shield’s Block stacks when enemies can finally trade back. Her whole purpose in the landing phase is to stop the enemy warriors from snowballing by keeping the pressure in the plan, allowing the backline carries to get more gold in the early and late game. Therefore, you could say she creates more breathing space for the Mid and ADC’s to get more gold before the inevitable dive comes in. Bellona is a solid Warrior in the Smite Tier List, especially for newer players to the game or role.

Cu Chulainn – Cu is one of the popular picks in Season 8, and it’s clear why. Cu is one of the stronger Warriors in the game and the only one in this section that contains anti healing. Barbed Spear applied anti healing for several seconds on any God hit with the ability. The Vent Anger ability is his big Rage spender, making him do AOE damage while increasing his movement speed. Cu uses this after engaging with his Salmon’s Leap or Furious Charge.  Spear of Mortal Pain is his big AOE damage dealer in team fights, which adds CC effects while in his ult mode. Berserk is his ultimate, which alters his abilities when he is above 85 rage. Cu naturally generates rage when he uses his abilities, attacks, and allies to take damage. Going into fights with enough rage is tricky, but Cu becomes majorly disruptive when executed successfully.

Odin went from an underlooked warrior at the start of Season 8 to the Nordic overlord he was meant to be. He is now the most banned warrior in the Phase 2 of the Smite Pro League.


Smite Jungle Tier List Highlights 8.8

Set Smite the usurper

Season 8 brought a few changes to the jungle starting items, allowing more creative room for Gods with weaker clears. For this reason, Mages like Ao Kuang are surfacing as viable picks to shape things up, whereas other prominent picks are still dominating. Here is the breakdown of the best Gods in the Smite Jungle tier list.

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Best Junglers in Smite Season 8

Sett – One of the permabanned Gods at the start of Season 8 but has since fallen down in priority, but that done;t mean you should underestimate this Egyptian God. The Assassin was extremely strong, with items like Bumba’s and Hydra’s. This allows Set to spam his 2 ability, proccing true damage autos every ability weave. He can also benefit from a solid fourth situational item if he needs Crushers or some anti-heal. The only real threat with this build is anti-healing, but Set’s damage output means any squishy who builds anyu becomes the focus of Sett’s assassination attempts. However, just be careful of Cu or Sobek, as they aren’t as easily one shotable. These two picks have anti-healing built into their kits and tend to have some level of defensive itemization. Although both Sett and Bumba’s Hammer got nerfed in the 8.4 bonus patch, so he isn’t as strong but is still permabanned.

Erlang Shen – Erlang is one of the strongest divers in the game due to locking down enemy Gods with his taunt. As the taunt is about to expire, knock them up with other aspects of his kit. If the target survives and runs away, there is a root to stop escapes on another ability. Rush Stone Cutting Sword to reduce physical resistance as you auto-attack opponents in the taunt knock up combo. If you can pull this off on a squishy backline member, it will likely result in a swift execution at the end of the ability combo sequence. Buying items like Shifter’s Shield is also a solid option for picking targets as the extra damage comes in handy against targets unable to remove the buff. Items like Executioner and Qin’s are also huge picks to late game 100-0 someone in the CC chain. Shen has fallen down the Tier List a bit, especially with the rising preference for Assassins in the Jungle in Season 8, but remains the best Warrior Jungler.

Nemesis – Similarly to Shen, Nemesis is all about bursting a target down. When Divine Judgement is up, she steals defensive stats from the chosen enemy God, while reducing their movement speed. As long as these abilities are active, Nemesis has the perfect kill window on a God who cannot escape it. While in that kill window, Nemesis uses Slice and Dice on the prey to chunk them down until they fall. Furthermore, her build path follows similarly to Erlang’s as it is all about big power spikes as soon as you enter combat. Nemesis is genuinely great in organized team play and solo queue, granting her a solid S tier position in the Smite tier list.

Tsukuyomi – like Sett and Nemesis, Tsuk is one of the hyper carry assassins in the Jungle. Bumba’s is your go-to item, along with items like Heartseeker, Bloodforge and Warrior Tabi. The build’s core is enough to destroy squishies and gain a shield to survive the Warriors when they realise they an ally has been deleted from existence.

Osiris is a warrior that has begun dominating the jungle meta in the Smite Pro League. Many players in casual and Ranked modes are still obsessed with banning the OP assassin junglers, but Osiris is one to keep a closer eye on as the patches progress. The reason why is because his slow movement speed makes him a great ganker, and many are starting to prioritise his healing denial skill, especially with the rise of self-healing Gods in the meta.

Smite Mid Tier List Highlights 8.8

Scylla Skin

Mid lane is the traditional burst ability user lane that requires lots of gold to become strong. Therefore, the lane naturally flatters mages, among other ability Hunters. Consider this section the best Smite Mage tier list and Smite Mid tier list and a breakdown of why they are topping the rankings.

The Best Mids in Smite Season 8

Scylla – the tiny Mage is one of the most popular and dominating mids in Season 8. Scylla is quite the self-reliant mage, with Sic ’Em locking targets in place, creating damage opportunities with Crush’s magical zone along with slowing effects. Also, her Sentinal is a solid mini teleport, useful for escaping ganks in the laning phase or dives in a teamfight. Lastly, I’m a Monster can deal an awful lot of burst damage in the late game, which she can effectively kill a target in mere seconds, especially with items like Rod of Tahuti enabling that playstyle. Preemptive use of this ability is the reason why she is so high up in the Smite Tier List.

Morgan Le Fay – the latest Arthurian legend is causing quite the stir in the Mid Lane. Her abilities are amazing at controlling waves, farming XP, and earning Gold. While that alone makes her an effective mid, her CC abilities, especially the fear are effective tools at all stages of the game. The recent Smite 8.6 Bonus Update nerfed her CDs by two seconds, but something says that isn’t going to cage this beast. Either way, it seems like she is very strong and falls into the same traps as Gilgamesh and Tiamat, who have both launched very strong in Season 8 and remain so.

Janus – The Portal Mage is very strong right now. The value in portal escapes as divers aim to collapse on the backline is great. Furthermore, Janus’ damage comes from hitting enemies with his ult at greater distances, which gets even worse for them if caught in the Threshold. Overall, a very solid and safe pick, especially with items like Obsidian Shard and Staff Myrddin.

Nu Wa –  Summoning Soldiers is her thing, which allows her to set them upon enemies, dishing out plenty of damage from several threats. Using her Shining Metal ability means those soldiers can pop, dealing AOE damage and stunning targets. Her ult is global, meaning she can assist allies by firing Fire Sahrds across the map for kill pressure. Taking items like Soul Gem, Rod and Spear of Desolation keeps her power level up throughout the game.

Chang’e – This support mage is incredibly useful in the current meta. The Moonlit Walts can stop her from getting focused briefly in Dives, along with Moonflower proving healing to allies. Waxing Moon is a great stun ultimate for several enemies, and her Crescent Moon does solid AOE damage. Items like Chronos Pendant are key part of her itemization, as well as Spear of Desolation, Rod of Asclepius flattering her kit.

Agni – the double-headed fire mage. The use of Noxious Gas, combined with his abilities creates solid zoning and setup for kills. The God has also has strong escape potential through path of flames, which, unlike other mages, also deals rotting damage to enemies tailing him. Using all this together will make divers think twice about where they stand as Agni manipulates the battlefield.

Persephone – she has been one of the strongest mids for a long time. Due to her better consistency and more modern kit, Persephone remains a rather strong God for all elos of play, albeit, slightly weaker than before. Furthermore, her recent rework makes her a lot less frustrating to play with and against. Either way, it is a great result for the once frustratingly broken God.

Kukulkan is a new addition to the list, recently getting quite a bit of pro play from Camelot Kings. The pick has very decent long-range poke and burst, along with some incredible wave clear. Furthermore, with the dive and CC in the game, Kukulkan’s AOE abilities synergize with those effects. Finally his movement speed increase very good at repositioning against diving Warriors. If you need a wave clearer with an escape, then Kukulkan is the pick for you!

Tiamat has gotten extremely popular over the last few patches and very strong indeed. So much so that both the player base and Hi-Rez realise the lord of the wind is too good. Even worth tank build nerfs, Tiamat is an amazing pick and permanently banned in the Smite Pro League.

The Morrigan is yet another new highlight. Due to a large amount of very powerful picks in the meta, The Morrigan’s copycat kit makes her a solid pick to adapt to the enemy. She is very situational, but very good because of it.

Sol appears to be very strong at the minute. Her passive builds up damage the more she attacks with her heat resource. When that happens, they can deal massive damage per attack. Combine that with her 1 ability, which heals and grants a huge amount of heat. Combine this with plenty of AOE, with her 2 slowing enemies at a bigger range, and this powerful Mage synergizes a lot with Junglers in the laning phase and Diving Warriors in team fights.

Smite ADC Tier List Highlights 8.6

Anhur Smite

With some of the new items in place, several hunters are now feeling stronger. Items intended for the jungle offer so much raw stats that they are viable for first-time purchases. We analyze the best ranking Gods for the role in this Smite ADC tier list.

Anhur – One of the more aggressive carry potential ADCs in the game. Anhur is one of the most powerful Gods in the game, capable of erecting walls to help his playstyle. The wall is useful for two things: to deny enemies charging at you, forcing them to use their jumps or  Impaling them for a damage window. Furthermore, his Desert Fury ultimate makes him immune to CC, while he fires incredibly powerful AAs at Gods, including through terrain. Anhur is generally one of the best snipers with an incredible toolkit to outplay the opposition. He has fallen off a bit in favour of new ADC gods like Artemis and Izanami.

Apollo –  one of the most popular ADCs in the game. The build path involves physical protection while shredding it with auto-attack enhancements. Devourer’s Gauntlet, Protector of the Jungle, Berserker’s, Executioner and Qin’s are the big-ticket items in his itemization. Furthermore, Apollo’s songs buff his ability to survive physical attacks and sliding past enemies or gleefully galloping away on his chariot. The position he is in allows him to shred opponents and win team fights or an annoying split pusher with solid getaway tools. Overall, a very safe pick, with several playstyles to keep in mind.

Artemis – has climbed the rankings in the last few patches with her soft buff in the 8.7 Bonus Update. Now that we are in 8.8, the buffs to her Transgressor’s Fate and Vengeful Assault as her shredding targets with ease. It is amazing what a slight base damage buff can do to someone’s early game huh?

Danzaburou – is an ADC on this Smite Tier List that has more setup for grabbing himself kills. The Alluring Spirits is a taunt he can set up. Furthermore, the slipperiness of Tanuki Trickery makes him decent at getting out of awkward situations. His ultimate has two options, to dive into an enemy God or to escape certain death. The only issue is using his ult too late in a fight, which can get body blocked by the many diving Gods in the meta. But, saying that, Danza dishes out too much damage and the kit is incredibly strong. While not picked in the SPL, he can still dominate Ranked and other game modes.

Cupid – The Angel of Love, is a powerful ADC. One of the reasons he ranks so high is down to his easy to apply CC and has one of the longest ADC dashes in the game. The effects of his CC only gets stronger the more stacks of mesmerize he has. Overall, a very disruptive ADC that can counter plenty of other ADCs through the potency of his CC. For this reason, Cupid is one of the more reliable S tier ADCs in the Smite Tier List.

Chernobog has come out of nowhere recently, with his rooting, three-stack bonus explosion damage and attack speed steroid making him a great pick. Also, his 3rd ability allows him to become immune to Warriors and Assassins diving him if he dashes into a wall. To boot, Cherno has great escape with his ultimate ability granting lots of movement speed and escape. It is safe to say Cherno is an effective killer and safe pick considering the current meta.

Heimdallr makes an appearance in the highlights because of his anti assassin playstyle. His Gjallarhorn slows enemies attack speed and knocks back opponents, which is a nice self peeling tool! If that wasn’t enough, his ultimate sends a key target to different realms, keeping them out of the fight for a few seconds. In addition, a smart player can get great usage from Heimdaller’s Bifrost pillars, making him a great split pusher and escape artist. Be warned though, he is kinda tricky to play, so anyone lower than gold can find better alternatives from the above Gods.

Izanami – the unconventional ADC makes her way into the list. One of the major issues with ADCs is their vulnerability to escape. However, with the assassins junglers falling out and the solo lanes getting more and more interesting, we  find ourselves in a sustain and tanky meta. Izanami is great at countering this with her damage increase steroid skills with her 1 and the slow and silence cc from her other skills. Use that silence and make sure the new healing supports cant do their job well. Therefore, Izanami has what it takes to handle the current trends in the meta.

Support Tier List Highlights 8.6

Athena Smite

Smite’s current meta has a lot of dive and is very action-packed. Supports that can follow up as secondary engage or cause a lot of disruption. Here are the best Supports in the Smite Support tier list rundown that can offer these metrics, especially in higher skill brackets.

Best Supports in Smite Season 8

Khepri –  One of the recurring themes among the best characters is the ability to dive. Since it is so strong, a God that counters diving is by default a meta pick. Meet Khepri, one of the best anti-diving Supports in the game. His Scarab’s Blessing removes CC from allies and grants them increased speed and immunity to slows for a brief window. Divers will have a bad time when they realise they’ve jumped into the lion’s den. In addition, if an ally affected with Scarab’s Blessing dies during this period they are resurrected. This is an incredible ability that will save more immobile damage dealers. For this reason, Khepri earns his place as an S+ in this Smite Tier list.

Sobek –  The Nile God is good at displacement, has strong knockbacks to peel for his carries. Furthermore, Sobek is one of the few Gods with Anti Healing built into his kit. Combine this with Season 8 nerfs to anti healing items, and Sobek’s draft priority goes even higher against most meta Supports and Solo Lane Warriors. The recent jungle changes offer much better play with Charge Prey, getting better utility out of his uninterruptable charge. As for his itemization, a key item for him is a Stone of Binding, as it allows his backline carries to do more damage. Overall, Sobek a very strong Support, with good CC, damage, anti healing and disruption for team fights.

Cerberus –  is one of the best anti healing Supports in the game. His passive reduces incoming healing for any enemies in 40 units of him. Besides, he also steals health, making him rather versatile in late game team fights. He also has a fairly decent stun, which becomes reliable later in combat. In addition, Cerb is one of the best supports for mages, with a magical protection reduction 2nd ability. Combine this with an ultimate that knocks up those caught in his ability, and he is a great peeler for his carries.

Athena has spent most of her time in Season 8 Smite Pro League banned. Her AOE taunt is extremely valuable, given the amount of dives in the game. While Hi-Rez state her role is a guardian, she also packs a punch with her 1st and 3rd ability. Her ult allows her to land next to a nearby god 3.6 seconds later, granting them 30% damage mitigation while channelling. Overall, extremely useful at disrupting dive attempts onto her target and remains one of the most banned Supports in the SPL.

Ganesha – not much has changed with Ganesha in Season 8, but the kit offers plenty of disruption and buffs and debuffs in the game. Turn of Fate rots enemy Gods down, which amplifies damage allies deal, regardless of whether they are physical dive or ADCs. Ohm is a strong silence, meaning he can deny skillshots, poke, and other abilities in dive situations or life-saving situations.

Fafnir – Unlike most Gods in this Support section, Fafnir is much more a frontliner, all about getting into the thick of sustained combat. His utility is more dive centric, allowing him to engage from a distance, especially in Dragon Form. Follow this up with the skill shot Cursed Strength stun, and Fafnir excels in pick priority on backline targets. During the laning phase, Coerce is a nice ability, that allows physical attack dealers to benefit from trades through attack speed buffs. Fafnir is a little weak at the moment outside of Dragon Form, but Dragon Form is key to making the pick work in team fights, aiding his team’s dive. As it stands, the Dragon form is a perfect fit for dominating the current support climate.

Hel – is one of the supports whose mixture of strong heals and damage are allowing her to climb in priority. The flexibility she brings along with resistance shredding and crowd control remover makes her such a  great situational pick. More so, she is one of the only supports that can heal and damage, while proving help to remnants of the Dive meta that has dictated most of Season 8.

Yemoja – is a Goddess that was relevant in Season 7 but fell of slightly in Season 8. However, she is back with a vengeance in 8.8. She makes a return as one of the best Smite Supports because of her ranged CC, healing and damage capabilities. Therefore, she is one of the most reliable picks in the current support meta.

Artio – the latest addition to the special support section, which is surprisingly played more as a sololaner. Artio has decent melee combat along with decent self and team healing her 1. Lots of Artio’s kit can flex into the Solo Lane, as she can effectively CC her targets and provide strong damage, while peeling for allies with the same stuns. If you like the flexi playstyle, Artio and her bear form can come in really handy for your God pool.


This concludes the Smite tier list, do you agree with the best Smite Gods in 8.8. Perhaps you think there is another God that deserves mentioning in a specific role? Let us know in the comments below? Disclaimer, lots of the stats used to structure this article are from stat aggregators and the Smite Pro League. We tend to look at what picks the pros are valuing to inform the coming trends in your ranked games along with popular Gods for climbing ranked with.