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Logitech G403 Hero Mouse Review

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The G403 from Logitech gives you a comfortable ergonomic shape with some great specifications and features underneath. Get a professional mouse for a fraction of the price!

Logitech is always offering gamers a variety of mice in different sizes and shapes. Back in 2016, Logitech released the new Prodigy series, no not a remix of twisted fire starter but rather the G403 ergonomic gaming mouse. The idea behind the series was to branch out to the casual gamer and offer them tournament ready mice at more affordable prices. With the G403 Logitech created a safe comfortable shape and equipped it with some premium specifications.

The G403 is a nice simple mouse that you can tell is going to be comfortable to grip by just looking at its gentle slopes and curves. It fits in the hand nice and features a PMW3366 sensor that is still regarded as one of the better sensors on the market. At under £40/$40, you are getting a high performing mouse that’s ergonomically built for comfort.




  • Ergonomic Shape – Sits in the hand nicely.
  • Sensor – Highly regarded sensor.
  • High Quality – Well built and feels solid.
  • Software – Intuitive and user-friendly.




  • Grip – No grips or rubber on the side.
  • Design – Quite plain
  • Right-handed only



Logitech G403 Product Rear



Mouse Size & Weight

  • Weight: 87g
  • Size: Medium
  • Length: 12.4 cm -4.9 inches
  • Width: 6.8 cm – 2.7 inches
  • Height: 4.3 cm – 1.7 inches
  • Hand Orientation: Right



Mouse Tech

  • Sensor: PMW3366 Optical
  • Buttons: Omron (20M)
  • DPI: 200-12000 (increments of 50)
  • Polling Rate: 125 / 250 / 500 / 1000Hz
  • Connection: Wired
  • Cable: Braided
  • Cable Length: 2.1 metres



What’s in the box

Logitech G403 Product Box

  • Logitech G403 Gaming Mouse
  • 10g Weight
  • User Guide
  • Warranty

Size & Weight

Logitech G403 Product Right Side

The G403 is a medium-sized mouse fit for any right hand. Its a fairly chunky mouse but doesn’t feel large in the hand like some due to its design. The mouse is 12.4 cm long which is almost 1cm bigger than the G302. Despite being longer the mice weigh the same however the G403 has a wider body (6.9 cm) and height of (4.3 cm), which is closer to the SteelSeries Rival 600 in terms of size. The mouse feels perfect to hold and any grip could be used but if you have bigger hands and palm grip, your fingers could pop over the edge a bit but check our hand-size guide to see if the G403 is compatible. The mouse is 4.3 cm high which is the same as a Razer Mamba and a bit bigger than the HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro. It’s supremely comfortable to hold compared to the FPS Pro and this is due to feeling slightly wider on the surface.

Logitech G403 Product Left Side

So the size could satisfy the masses and the G403 has a weight to match. At just 87 grams this mouse is very light and weighs just 2 grams more than the G Pro Wired. It feels very light when swiping but thanks to its chunky size you never feel like you might lose control. It’s so light though you do notice the friction from the extra thick cable it comes with, I’ll go into that a bit later. The weight can be customised, the G403 comes with a 10g extra weight and you can insert this into the Logitech puck located on the bottom of the mouse.

Shape & Texture

Logitech G403 Product Angle 2

The G403’s shape is a safe and simple one but still manages to be elegant. It features an angular shape with soft gentle curves turning into grooves for your fingers. Its shape is just an ergonomic one and is closer to the Deathadder for that reason but they don’t feel similar to hold. The Curvature of the mouse is nice and gradual giving it more of a bow shape from the side like the new G Pro Wireless. The mouse flattens out towards the front giving your fingers a nice place to sit while the back slopes off for a comfier grip. The groove for your thumb seems well thought out and is very comfortable to grip. The right-hand side slopes off quite aggressively which I like as my ring and pinky finger wrap around the mouse naturally. The overall shape is comfy, easy to grip and makes the mouse feel like its an extension of my hand.

Logitech continues to use the specialised coating on the G403. It’s a matte black smooth plastic which is much easier to clean than the soft-touch material some manufacturers use. The smooth plastic doesn’t affect grip thanks to the ergonomic shape but it is slippy to the touch. I don’t have the sweatiest palms but the material seems to deal with perspiration well and I didn’t lose control once. If you do have wet palms don’t worry the sides of the G403  feature a rubberised material similar to a soft-touch finish giving you all the grip you need.


Logitech G403 Product Angle

The G403 uses Omron developed switches that give up to 20 million clicks,  They have a low actuation and are placed directly under the primary buttons to achieve this. The Primary buttons are separate to the rest of the mouse shell which I like and they have a very pleasing audible click when pressed. The design of the shape allows your fingers to sit on the buttons without accidentally pressing them all the time.

The mouse features a wheel in its normal spot that you can program if you wish. The wheel is tactile with a low volume sound when scrolling and has a deep audible click noise. It’s not the most refined scroll wheel but it’s responsive and does the job. Behind the wheel is the DPI button giving you the option for on the fly sensitivity changes while playing. The DPI button sits in its own groove out of the way so it won’t be accidentally hit with your index or middle fingers.

There are a total of 6 programmable buttons on the G403, 2 of which are on the side for your thumb. The side buttons appear large and clunky but they are actually very responsive and have Omron switches underneath so you are getting some great side buttons. They are easy to reach with my thumb without having to adjust my grip. I can roll my thumb up to actuate them with ease without them being accidentally pressed all the time.


The G403 features a 2.1-metre long cable. It’s braided for extra protection but the braiding is quite a rough texture making it more likely to snag on peripherals or your desk. This snagging can be avoided with a bungee but the cable is one of the heaviest default cables I’ve ever had in a mouse and you can feel it. The cable makes a horrendous noise as it scrapes across my XXL QcK pad which I can’t avoid as I like a bit of slack from my wire even with a bungee (use low sensitivity). With my headset on I couldn’t hear the scraping and I became used to the weight of the cable too so it isn’t a major issue as the mouse is light. It’s a heavy cable but also one of the thickest so you have to stuff it into the bungee but it fits in every Bungee I have without slipping which is a first. Logitech is the best at ensuring the mouse is good to go from the off, they wrap the cable around the square case keeping the cable relatively bend free.

Sensor & Performance

Logitech G403 Product Bottom

Logitech implemented the PWM3366 optical sensor into the G403 which is an all-round great sensor. It felt great to use, the sensor was elegantly smooth and it didn’t matter if I was making small slow movements or quick large ones the sensor remained solid and didn’t let me down. You can use it from 200 DPI up to 12,000 which you can change in the software. I didn’t notice any jitter and the sensor remained precise without any lag throughout testing. The G403 can have a polling rate of 1000Hz making it super responsive as you would expect a gaming mouse to be.

Gaming with this sensor is smooth and when you pair that with the great ergonomic shape you get a comfortable mouse that can perform on any surface. I prefer using my mice at around 800 DPI and 12,000 is definitely too much but when I tested the mouse on 3200 DPI I could still see how precise and consistent the sensor was. The shape was excellent and made a difference to aim in-game as I found this mouse really easy to transition to. The textured sides offered great grip and I never lost control while playing or browsing. The G403 performed across all games I tried but the true power of the mouse lies in FPS titles thanks to the accurate sensor and ergonomic shape.


Logitech’s G-hub software is superb, it’s user-friendly, responsive and I don’t have to log in! Now the G403 features Logitech’s Lighsync technology and you can change the colours in the G-Hub software. You can adjust the DPI in the software but it is already preprogrammed and saved on the onboard memory. Once the DPI is changed you can now hit the DPI button saving you the hassle of going into the software again. There isn’t a profile button with this mouse so to switch profiles you would have to go into the software as I don’t think you can program the others to carry out this function. You can change the polling rate from 125 Hz to 1000 Hz.

Our Verdict

Logitech succeeded in offering casual or novice gamers a professional choice of mouse. The G403 has a well-designed shape and it remains comfortable even after extensive gaming sessions which is always a big plus. It comes with excellent specifications, the sensor is still a brilliant option for anyone. With the mouse now retailing under £40/$40 you are getting a high-performance mouse which will definitely improve your aim and gameplay. It’s a feature-packed bargain and well worth a look!

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