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LoL Patch 12.15 Analysis – League of Legends Guide

In-depth analysis of all the changes in LoL Patch 12.15.

Updated: Aug 9, 2022 10:41 am
League of Legends Zed

Ahead of the launch of LoL Patch 12.15, we’re diving head first into the expected changes and tweaks to gauge what impact they’re likely to have on the meta and more.

Let’s dive in.

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League of Legends Patch 12.15 Changes

Champion Buffs


Max damage to monsters increased from 40-100 to 50-150 based on level.

Lillia is a champion with a fairly fast clear and a lot of mobility thanks to her movement speed. This seems like a small change but could result in a lot more ganks from Lillia, especially in the mid-game.

This buff can also result indirectly in players picking champions like Rengar or Skarner to counter Lillia.


Passive movement speed increased and cooldown decreased. Additionally, R gives more defensive statistics at level 6 and 11. No changes at level 16.

One of the strongest aspects of Singed is the ability to build fairly offensive AP items, and still be tanky due to his ultimate ability. With these changes Singed may become a stronger champion in the early game. The changes are not significant but might result in a nice quality of life improvement for the champion.

LoL Patch 12.15 Analysis
Image via Riot Games


Rammus gets a lot of buffs to his R. The cooldown is getting reduced and the cast range and dash speed is being increased.

This champion is a situational pick against heavy AD teams. Ever since his ultimate got reworked, it was somewhat clunky and without movement speed buffs from the teammates. It didn’t feel quite right. Now it might change, Rammus will be able to engage in a more efficient way.


Her Q mana cost is getting decreased early and her ultimate stuns for longer – 1.5 seconds to 1.75 seconds.

Leona is one of the strongest CC tank supports in the game. These are small changes, but she is already quite strong if played right. The Q change seems small because mana cost is decreased only at early levels.

However, you max this ability last so it means every Q for the first 20 minutes of the game will cost you 10 less mana. Also making CC last longer is often a dangerous game. Be wary of the Radiant Dawn.


Thresh gets buffs for his Q. Cooldown decreased by 1 second at every level. Damage of his Q increased by 20 also at every level.

The Chain Warden has not been in the meta for a long time. He is not a weak champion by any means, but there is something missing. It’s unlikely these small buffs to his Q will bring him back to the top of the food chain.

Thresh is still too squishy and has too little to compete with some of the top supports.


W cooldown decreased and damage increased. AP ratio on his ultimate slightly increased.

Kennen is in desperate need of some small buffs. He works well as a lane bully against melee champions. He needs some help to stay in the game after laning phase and hopefully, these changes will be enough.


W energy refund increased from 80 to 100.

A nice small quality of life change that will make Akali’s laning phase a bit better and smoother.

League of Legends Zed
Image via Riot Games


Shadow range increased from 2000 to infinity. Also, E energy cost is getting decreased by 10.

Zed has been performing well in the mid lane but has recently started to shine in the jungle. He has an amazing clear with strong solo dragons at level 4. It is all mostly due to his passive.

Zed is going to be one of the strongest off-meta picks in patch 12.15. It might even become meta, so be wary of Zed in the jungle.


Energy refund on E increased from 30-40 to 30-50.

Shen has been a decent top laner for a while now. Due to teleport nerfs in the past, his ultimate became even more valuable for the team.

While other champions can teleport only to turrets before the 14-minute mark, Shen can go directly to his teammate and change the outcome of fights.

Lee Sin

Ability recast energy cost decreased from 30 to 25.

Lee Sin is in a similar position to Thresh right now. Both champions are very popular and good, however, they are outperformed by other picks.

Even though these quality of life changes are nice it won’t be enough to bring any of them back into the meta. At least it’s a step in the right direction.

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Champion Nerfs

Master Yi

E cooldown increased at higher levels.

A small change to bring down Master Yi a notch or two. Ever since his small rework, he has been outperforming at every skill level.


The passive damage AD ratio decreased from 45% to 30%.

Qiyana has a huge burst with two or three items. This nerf will bring her one-shot potential down. However, there are other assassins with bigger burst potential than Qiyana, which poses questions about the logic behind this tweak.

LoL Patch 12.15 Analysis
Image via Riot Games


AD growth decreased, E and R cooldowns increased,

Sivir is another example of some tweaks done right to an older League champion

She’s fairly strong so these are the minor adjustments to balance her out. It should make her use her E and R more responsibly due to their longer cooldowns.


True damage conversion decreased from 75% to 50%.

This is a tricky change because it might result in almost nothing for Gwen or can take her out of the meta completely.

It will definitely lower her burst against tankier champions, however, she should still be able to delete a squishy champion in a matter of seconds. Another case of adjusting the champion’s power after some tweaks to her kit in previous patches.

Gwen should remain playable but champions like Pantheon can rise in strength as a counter to her.


In LoL Patch 12.15, Taliyah’s E cooldown is getting increased by 2 seconds at every level and the R wall duration is lowered from 5 seconds to 4 seconds.

Taliyah has been very strong ever since her small rework. The most powerful ability in her kit is her E. It can stop dashes and stun enemies while dealing an absurd amount of damage.

It’s a nice change but not enough to stop her. Almost every new champion or reworked champion gains some sort of dash and Taliyah is a perfect counter to all of these champions. She’ll only be stronger when new champions with dashes are released.


Kalista’s base AD is decreased by 3 from 69 to 66.

She’s not a very popular champion so this nerf seems like a direct move toward a professional scene where Kalista is played at times, especially in the LPL and LCK.

Playing around with the champion’s base statistics can often be tricky, so this might take Kalista out completely.

System Buffs in LoL Patch 12.15

Mercurial Scimitar (Item)

Magic resist increased from 30 to 40 and movement speed duration increased from 1 second to 1.5 seconds.

It’s a much needed and welcome change that incentivizes players to build a Mercurial Scimitar from Quicksilver Sash.

Many players often get QSS and don’t upgrade the item. Now, these changes might make it so upgrading to a full item gives you more benefits. 10 magic resist with no additional cost is a pretty solid buff.

Silvermere Dawn (Item)

Magic resist increased from 35 to 40 and health increased from 300 to 350. Additionally, slow resist and tenacity increased from 40% to 50%.

Similar to the previous changes. You build this item from QSS so it makes it worth your while to finish the full item.

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System Nerfs in LoL Patch 12.15 Analysis

First Strike (Keystone Rune)

Bonus true damage decreased by 1% from 10% to 9%.

First Strike is picked for most assassins. Bursting a champion in the mid or late game would result in additional 100-200 gold per kill easily.

Even though this is a very small change, it will result in less damage and less gold. This might be enough to make First Strike somewhat balanced.

Divine Sunderer (Item)

Healing lowered from 65% to 55%.

Many champions started building Trinity Force indeed of Divine Sunderere, especially after the Durability Update.

Now with another nerf to Divine Sunderer, we might see a complete shift in the meta. Many bruisers and off-tanks will build Trinity Force instead. This results in less healing for some of the champions but more damage in prolonged fights.

It’s not just bruisers that will benefit from this change. Champions like Ezreal like to build items from Sheen. It might push players completely away from building Divine Sunderer and we might see a Trinity Force meta very soon.

Patch Notes 12.15 LoL
Image via Twitter/RiotPhroxzon

LoL Patch 12.15 is not a huge patch, but it has a decent amount of changes. It’s one of the first steps towards Worlds 2022.

Even though the tournament is over a month away, all of the upcoming changes will be focused on the professional scene.

We’ll have to wait until the Preseason for Season 13 until we get some bigger changes and shake-ups in the meta.


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