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Why is Discord down right now?

Discord servers could be down for maintenance or maybe there is a potential issue, here's what to do

Updated: Jan 13, 2023 3:47 pm
is discord down is discord down right now

Discord is the go-to VOIP service, no matter if you are gaming, fancy a chat, or want to join the community.

The Discord app is user-friendly, free, and allows friends to communicate in a fun and engaging way online.

Like all online services that utilize servers, Discord can go down from time to time but WHY!

There is nothing worse than Discord servers going offline, especially if the game you are playing doesn’t feature a built-in lobby or chat system but what can you do?

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Is Discord down?

If Discord is down, the first thing to check is whether it is down for others in your region too. The issue can sometimes simply be an internet drop on your end.

If it looks to be a server issue, with the constant failure to connect, Discord could be down.

You can jump over to Discords status tool and check what is going on with the API, Media, push notifications, search, voice, third-party, and server web pages.

What are the common causes for Discord being down?

Discord works properly the majority of the time but it is good to look at previous issues to give you a better idea of what could be happening:

  • Connection – The most common issue on Discord reported is with connection, which can be caused by server maintenance, updates, and server issues.
  • App crashing – The next issue, although far less common, is the Discord app crashing. Sometimes updates with software can cause the app to bug out, other times it could be in need of a fresh install.

Other reported Discord issues:

  • Sign in
  • Messaging
  • Glitching

Remember, it isn’t always a server-side issue. So regardless, you can always try to close the Discord App down and restart it.

Another tip if things start to get desperate would be to try re-downloading and then installing Discord again.

You can also check the web browser version of Discord to see if you can connect to that too. If the web app allows you on and the desktop app doesn’t, you have potentially located your issue.

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