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UPDATED Pirates Dream Codes for January 2023

Forget the Pirate's life, it's the Pirate's Dream to score big on these codes.

Updated: Jan 13, 2023 10:35 am
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Roblox Pirates Dream codes for January are finally here, grab em’ whilst you can! These were last checked on January 13th.

Is there any end to the creativity of the Roblox community, or indeed the amount of anime inspired Roblox games that are around at the moment? Set sail in Pirates Dream, another fun One Piece inspired game. As is the same with most of these games, codes are a must if you want to get ahead, so we’ve comprised a list of all the latest codes to sink your teeth into.

*Latest* Roblox A Piece Codes – January 2023

Below you’ll see all the latest active Pirates Codes, vetted properly to ensure they work. These range from chests full of Beli (in-game currency) to biscuits to fuel your pirate lifestyle.

All active Pirates Dream codes for January 2023

These codes were checked on January 13th 2023.

Active codes:

  • RESETFRUIT – Grants Fruit Reset
  • RESTART – Grants Five Race Rerolls
  • REVIVE – Grants 2x Drops
  • WEEKENDROLL – Grants Five Race Rerolls
  • WEEKENDNOTIFIER – Grants 2 Hours Devil Fruit Notifier
  • FREEBISCUITSOMG – Grants 10 Biscuits
  • SORRYFORSHUTS – Grants 50K Beli
  • Youtube – Grants 50K Beli
  • Release – Grants 1hr Devil Fruit Notifier
  • BIGNOTIFIER – Grants 4 Hours of Devil Fruit Notifier
  • FRUITBEGONE – Grants Stat Reset
  • STATNEWTRY – Grants Stat Reset
  • SOMUCHRACES – Grants Five Race Rerolls
  • STATSAGAIN – Grants Stat Reset
  • LUCKYDROP – Grants 2x Drops
  • EVENMORERACES – Grants Five Race Rerolls
  • 3KNOTIFIER – Grants 3 Hr Devil Fruit Notifier
  • ONETHOUSANDTHANKS – Grants 20k Beli

We’ve got plenty of Roblox game codes! Take a look at our Blox Fruits codes page, or maybe try our Last Pirates codes page. We’ve got plenty more like the latest codes for Shadovis RPGPixel Gun Tower Defense, Anime Fighters, and many more!

Expired codes

Codes won’t last forever, so it’s important to capitalise on them when you get the chance.

  • There aren’t any expired codes at this moment in time!

How to redeem Pirates Dream codes

Think about how to redeem those codes before the expire? A simple manouver! Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to how it’s done:

  • Boot up Pirates Dream on the Roblox app or website on your PC or mobile device.
  • Go to the Codes button located on left side of the screen next to the cog icon.
  • Type in or copy/paste your redeem code in the text box. Codes are case-sensitive so watch out for capitals and what not.
  • Click Redeem.
  • See your rewards fly in.

That’s all we have for the moment, be sure to bookmark this page (we check daily for new updates) so you know where to find the latest codes when they arise.

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