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*Updated* Pixel Gun Tower Defense Codes for January 2023

Looking for the latest Pixel Gun Tower Defense codes?

Updated: Jan 16, 2023 10:04 am
pixel gun tower defense codes

If you’re wanting the latest Pixel Gun Tower Defense Codes, look no further! This page was checked on January 16th 2023.

New to a long-line of Tower Defense like tactical Roblox Games, Pixel Gun Tower Defense is incredible addictive, and growing rapidly in popularity.

Drawing in players with its selection of guns, character, and fun gameplay, it borrows from the first-person multiplayer action shooter Pixel Gun 3D.

Codes for freebies can help you get a head start, select in new characters, obtain new weapons, grab better turrets, and strengthen your defenses in anticipation of the next wave of enemies. These are generally issued on social media platforms like Twitter, but we’ve gathered them here for convenience.

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Active Roblox Pixel Gun Tower Defense Codes List For January 2023

These are the latest active codes offering free stuff, checked on January 16th, 2023. We’ll add any new codes that come our way here

bigmoney3000 moneyActive (NEW CODE)
RobloxGarbageServers2000 money doublersActive
shut_up5 free money, 1 2x money, and 1 exp doublerActive
petergriffin50 money doublersActive
money50 moneyActive
wetakedevelopmentseriously50 exp doublersActive

There are a few that may still be available we’ve marked out for you down below.

TooMuchSecretCodesGrants Free Rewards
pixelguntowerdefGrants Free Rewards
anactualcodeGrants Free Rewards
ExploiterPurchaseBugGrants 5250 Cash
TooMuchBalanceChangesGrants 1K Money
2monthwaitGrants 750 Cash
moneyGrants 50 Cash
petergriffinGrants x50 Money Doublers
wetakedevelopmentseriouslyGrants x50 XP Doublers
shut_upGrants 2x Money Doubler, 1x XP Doubler, and 5x Money Doublers

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Expired Codes

SecretAdditionGrants Money and Money Doublers
FinalCodeGrants Money Doublers
MoreBalanceChangesGrants Experience Doublers and Money Doublers
RobloxGarbageServersGrants 2K Money Doublers
WhenUpdate?Grants x5K XP Doublers, x750 Money Doublers
UPDATE!!!Grants 500 Cash
happy_bday_zake500x Money Doublers, 400 Cash

How to Redeem Pixel Gun Tower Defense Codes

The process is very easy. Here’s a guide of how to grab your free reward for each code:

  • Boot up the game on the Roblox app or website on your device.
  • Head to the main menu.
  • Click the Codes button on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • In the Command Terminal screen that pops up enter ‘code’ followed by the code itself.
  • Tap the Enter button on your keyboard to redeem the freebies attached to the good.
  • Do the same for the rest of your codes!

What Is the Best Gun in Pixel Gun Tower Defense?

We believe the best gun in Pixel Gun Tower Defense is the Ultimatum shotgun, for its ability to tear through shields, high damage, and how well its scales with upgrades.

Why Isn’t a Pixel Gun Tower Defense Code Working?

First, check that the code is in fact active. Codes have a limited shelf-life, and will often expire. Second, remember that codes are case-sensitive and try again.

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