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Is PUBG dead?

PUBG was once king of the battle royale format, however, it no longer sees the numbers it once did

Updated: Jan 7, 2023 10:56 pm
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PUBG aka Playersunknown Battlegrounds was the pinnacle of battle royal gaming format in its first couple of years, offering one of the most unique gaming experiences of the last decade.

PUBG rose to its all-time highest player peak just one year after its release to 3.2 million concurrent players.

Unfortunately, since January 2019 it has steadily declined to around 400,000 concurrently players.

Is PUGB dead or still worth playing?

While the numbers are incredibly low in comparison to what they once were, there is still a base of players to get the occasional good session in.

Take this with a pinch of salt though, as the developers started to include bots into servers as the player decline became more noticeable.

This depends on the region you are playing in as some parts of the world still play a lot of PUBG.

So, no PUBG is not dead completely, however, a PUBG 2 would be an incredible sight to behold. PUBG mobile lives on but it just isn’t the same. A sequel with all the crazy in-game moments the first provided along with more diversity and fewer clunky issues, would be fantastic.

The gun/ shooting mechanics were a lot of fun but the movement was average at best.

Why is PUBG dead/ dying?

The popularity of the battle royale genre shot up since the release of PUBG and Fortnite. Think about it, we then saw Apex Legends, Call of Duty’s Warzone, and a handful of others which were all of high quality and completely free to play.

Now, there are other factors involved such as the old – every game dies. PUBG still has its main followers jumping on and even us at WePC are tempted from time to time but there is rarely a European server with 100 real players in, so we tend to avoid it.

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