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Intel 13th gen laptop guide

Everything we know about the Intel 13th gen Raptor Lake laptop CPUs

Updated: Jan 10, 2023 5:26 pm
Intel 13th gen laptop Raptor Lake laptop Intel 13th gen release date

The Intel 13th gen laptop CPUs are the upcoming big hitters from the blue team in 2023, which look to take on the AMD Ryzen 7000 series laptop CPUs across the full range of laptops, from general-use laptops and creative notebooks to high-end gaming laptops.

Intel 13th gen laptops were revealed for the first time at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, as expected. We now have all the specification information on each of the different SKUs on this page for you to look at, as well as a first look at upcoming Raptor Lake laptop models from the different brands, the first of which should land in February 2023 or earlier.

We will be updating this page with the latest info on the Raptor Lake laptop CPU line, as well as listing the best 13th gen laptops for different budgets and use cases as they get closer to release, so watch this space.

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Intel 13th gen laptop performance

Intel 12th gen laptop CPUs took the crown for the most powerful devices of 2022, beating the AMD Ryzen 6000 series laptops in both single-core and multi-core performance, though losing out in terms of power efficiency and battery life. Intel cemented its performance lead further at the very high end through the release of the 12th gen HX series, which added additional cores and cache onto the most powerful options in the range.

Although it’s early days yet, it seems that 13th gen laptop CPUs won’t offer as big of an uplift as the 12th gen did, with Intel claiming up to 12% performance increase over the previous generation, though the ‘up to’ bit is crucial, with many games showing only a few % difference in the graph that we were shown at CES 2023, with the average difference only being about 6%. We will have to wait for independent testing to know for sure whether these are accurate.

Intel 13th gen laptop CPU performance

Intel 13th gen laptops vs AMD Ryzen 7000 series laptops

It seems likely that the new Ryzen 7000 series laptops will beat Intel once again in terms of power efficiency and gaming performance on battery life, given Intel are still using the same architecture as they did previously compared to AMD’s smaller process node. In terms of raw power though we don’t have any indication beyond the claims of the company.

AMD are stating that there will be greater than 15% single-thread performance gain with their new architecture. We already know that the existing Intel Core i9-12900K laptop CPU is (very) roughly 10% faster in single-core workloads than the AMD Ryzen 6900HX laptop CPU (depending heavily on the laptop in question, its voltage, what programs you are running etc.). So if we add say 6% uplift for the 13900K (taking a very loose average from the titles in the graph above) to this lead we get 16%, compared to the 15% AMD are claiming, which points to a possibility of a very close race between the two flagship CPUs at least.

When are Intel 13th gen laptops coming out? Intel 13th gen laptop release date predictions

We don’t have a specific Intel 13th gen laptop release date yet for the very first models that will hit the shelves, however we do know of some models that it’s claimed will arrive sometime in February 2023, with each month after that seeing more released.

Have a read of our release date pages for specific Intel 13th gen laptops, listed below.

Intel 13th Gen laptops to watch out for

Below is a shortlist of some of the laptops we’re looking forward to seeing that can come equipped with 13th gen CPUs, and the latest information regarding their specific release dates. Currently this is primarily focused around gaming laptops, but we’ll be including more non-gaming varieties soon:

Intel 13th gen laptop CPU specs : Raptor Lake laptop SKUs

Below you can see the full specifications of each of the new Intel 13th gen laptop CPU SKUs. As is always the case with laptop CPUs, the core count, clock speed, and TDP are lower than in the desktop iterations.

As you can see these Raptor Lake CPUs are separated into the H-series (for gaming laptops and more powerful workstation/creative machines), the P-series (for creative laptops and general purpose laptops that still have a bit of oomph), and the U-series (for ultra-thin and/or budget laptops), and finally a new N-series (for entry level laptops suitable for web browsing, word processing, and for educational usage).

Intel 13th gen H-series laptop CPUs

Intel 13th gen laptop Raptor Lake laptop SKUs Intel 13th gen laptop specs Intel 13th gen H series laptop SKUs

Intel 13th gen P-series laptop CPUs

Intel 13th gen laptop Raptor Lake laptop SKUs Intel 13th gen laptop specs Intel 13th gen P series laptop SKUs

Intel 13th gen U-series laptop CPUs

Intel 13th gen laptop Raptor Lake laptop SKUs Intel 13th gen laptop specs Intel 13th gen U series laptop SKUs

Intel 13th gen N-series laptop CPUs

Intel 13th gen laptop Raptor Lake laptop SKUs Intel 13th gen laptop specs Intel 13th gen N series laptop SKUs

Things to consider if you’re thinking of buying an Intel 13th gen laptop

The below goes into greater detail about the features of the new Intel 13th gen laptop CPUs, to help you decide whether they’re worth the wait, or if you’d rather opt for a different AMD/Intel-powered laptop sooner.

Intel 13th gen motherboard compatibility

Intel 13th gen CPUs will use the same LGA 1700 socket as the preceding Alder Lake CPUs, which Intel promised to keep in use for a few years after it was introduced in late 2021. Almost all gaming laptops use a different type of socket to desktop PCs, however, it does give us an indication of the technology that the Intel 13th gen laptop will be equipped with.

Intel 13th gen laptop socket compatiblity

Raptor Lake CPU architecture, 10nm process node

Intel 13th gen laptops will use the same 10nm architecture as the preceding 12th Gen Alder Lake laptop CPUs. This is considerably larger than the 5nm/4nm process that the new Ryzen 7000 series will be using, and points to a likelihood of lower power efficiency compared to AMD’s tech, which is what was seen in the previous generation. Still, this does not mean the CPUs will be less powerful in terms of in-game FPS/other intensive workflows, as we saw with 12th gen.

Intel Xe vs RDNA 3 laptops

We have absolutely no information on the integrated graphics (iGPUs) the Intel 13th gen laptops will be coming with, but given they will be using the same basic architecture then there’s a reasonable chance it will be a similar tech to the previous Intel Xe iGPUs used by 12th gen.

If this is the case, the Ryzen 7000 series laptops will probably have a substantial advantage in this area by comparison, as AMD is putting a lot of focus on their new RDNA 3 iGPU tech. This will however be mostly focused on the low-mid range entries in the series, as it’s assumed more powerful laptop CPUs will be paired with dedicated graphics cards. You can read more about this in our AMD Ryzen 7000 series laptop guide.

Final Word

We’ll be updating this page with all the latest Intel 13th gen laptop info as it’s released, and eventually breaking down the best of the laptop series on the market when they come on the market, to help you pick the right one for you. Until then, make sure you stay locked onto WePC for all the latest AMD, Intel, and Nvidia tech news.

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