Build Your MyPlayer like Lebron James in NBA2K21

Looking to build a Two-Way Finishing Small Forward?

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NBA2K21 has finally arrived and sets to be another storied edition in the 2K legacy. with updated graphics and player scans, new improvements to MyTeam, updated MyCareer storylines, and with the inclusion of the WNBA everything seems to be on the right track.

Now they’ve patched the awful shooting mechanics, everything seems to be leading towards a beautiful day in the neighbourhood for NBA2K21. We are going to be focusing on the SF position for today’s build for MyCareer mode.

We are going to be building a two-way finishing small forward in the mold of players such as Lebron James and Jimmy Butler, with that effective rim finishing and strength but also enough to handle defensive actions. 

Firstly you’re going to want to select the pie chart that splits finishing and defense/rebounding as the two main options, this will give us a super high ceiling for close-range shooting and dunking and will also allow us to be effective at causing issues for attackers on the perimeter. 

In terms of physicality, we are going with an even spread, which will give us a high vertical, increasing our dunk and layup ability and also our block and rebounding, whilst not making us too slow as to be caught easily by guards.

Now for stats. As you can see, we are maxing most finishing stats and a heavy amount of the defense and rebounding stats, with a big focus on lateral quickness. You shouldn’t need to increase your three-point shooting and should only need to spread evenly your remaining skill points across play-making and mid-range shooting as well as free-throwing. 


Key Statistic Potential

Close Shot – 90

Driving Layup – 80

Driving Dunk – 90

Standing Dunk – 80

Perimeter Defence – 80

Lateral Quickness – 80

Steal – 73

Offensive Rebound – 70

Defensive Rebound – 70

Finally, for your takeover, you can either choose a slasher (but this might lead you to become a two-way slasher) so we are going with the Glass Cleaner perk. This will increase our effectiveness at both ends of the court.

Physicality Breakdown

Height: 6″7

Weight: 250-265

Wingspan: 90″

Takeover: Glass Cleaner

So there you have it, this should end you with the Two Way Finisher model in the vein of Jimmy Butler and Lebron James for your MyCareer mode. Now time to choose your team, and keep a lookout for teams needing that extra edge in the Forward role. You can head of course to teams like the Knicks who will require a miracle, you have the potential teams such as the Hawks or Grizzlies. Finally, you have the high market teams like the Rockets or Golden State who with Wiggins at the Small Forward means you should be able to take over his position as a starter in the first year of your MyCareer run.


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