NBA2K21 Best Center Build

Lockdown attackers at the rim with this Glass Cleaning Center MyCareer Build

Best Center
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NBA2K21 has finally arrived and sets to be another storied edition in the 2K legacy. with updated graphics and player scans, new improvements to MyTeam, updated MyCareer storylines, and with the inclusion of the WNBA everything seems to be on the right track.

Now they’ve patched the awful shooting mechanics, everything seems to be leading towards a beautiful day in the neighbourhood for NBA2K21. We are going to be focusing on the Center position for today’s build for MyCareer mode.

With any good center, we need them to be a true defensive and rebounding hard hitter. You have two options with a center (where you can build them with a good potential shooting stat line), but we are going to keep them with a good finishing ceiling as a more tradition center would have.

You can be quite even on the pie chart spread but if you want to create a powerhouse center, try focusing on Defense/Rebounding and Finishing. You could interchange finishing with shooting if you like but it will likely change the outcome of the build. However, if you’re going to be shooting as a preference it would be a good focus. You do however have a high ceiling for finishing just due to the type of player we are creating. 

In your physicals, there’s an even spread across all three here, with a higher focus on Strength given their inside presence.

Our focus here is Finishing and Defense with slight increases on rebounding given they can provide the highest ceilings. When it comes to center builds you shouldn’t have to worry about three-point shooting. If you want a three-point shooter go check out the PG/SG builds.

You’re wanting to max out most interior stats such as rebounding and blocking.

Key Statistic Potential:

Close Shot – 90

Standing Dunk – 90

Interior Defense – 85

Block – 87

Offensive Rebound – 87

Defensive Rebound – 87

Post Hook – 70

Post Fade – 70

Physical Breakdown

Height: 7″0-7’’2 

Weight: 260-268

Wingspan: 93.0″

Takeover: Glass Cleaner

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